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Whether it’s identifying how to improve your lap times or improving your race craft, Track Rekord is there for you.


Send us your in car footage and we'll provide video analysis to provide insight on what you did well and what you can work on to improve your performance. Any track, any car, whether open lapping or in the heat of battle, it’s like having a driver coach at your side.


We'll provide you with a video analysis of your laps where we review your driving technique, stopping at critical points to explain not just how to improve, but also why our advice will help reduce your lap times. We don’t just focus on your mistakes either - we will highlight where you are doing well and help you apply that to the rest of your lap.


What we focus on will depend on you, the driver, but can include:


  • Driving line, from turn in, through apex to track out, including how to identify the best line using visual cues

  • Brake and throttle application

  • Understeer and oversteer

  • Gear selection

  • Hand position

  • Elevated vision

  • Race starts, overtaking and defense

  • What to work on your next time on track


What we need from you:


  • In car footage of one or two laps clearly showing the track, including wheel and hands if possible

  • Composite video showing rear view for race analysis is preferred

  • Include data overlay, if available, showing throttle position, brake pressure, speed, gear, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have this, we can work solely with the video footage

  • Let us know of any particular issues you would like for us to focus on 

  • We will also ask you to provide track and car details


Our introductory rate:


One lap video analysis $300, for a personalized video (appx 30 minutes) breaking down your lap and identifying actionable items for your next time on track.


In addition, we can provide the following virtual coaching services: 


  • Follow up via Skype video call, including more personalized analysis via a shared screen

  • Analysis of data provided via logging systems such as LITPro, VBOX and AIM

  • Full race review

  • Sim coaching - We can work with you one-on-one in a private server session on iRacing, just as we would in person (in-car review, lead follow, etc.) or just send us the replay file of your laps and we will provide the same analysis as if you were driving a real car on a real track

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