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Have you always wondered what it would be like to drive in the Baja 1000 or Mint 400, but haven’t had the opportunity to try?


In conjunction with Track Rekord and TrophyLite, you can learn to drive a race winning TrophyLite truck, on their short loop desert track - including fast desert straights, jumps into and out of the retention basins, soft terrain in the wash and much more.


TrophyLite trucks were developed to provide an alternative to the high cost of desert racing - all the thrills of a full size trophy truck, without the full sized price tag. As all of the hand built trucks are made to the same specifications, the TrophyLite Race Series produces some of the closest and most competitive racing in all of off road.

Half day introduction:


You will learn the basic skills required to drive a race winning TrophyLite truck on varied desert terrain.


The half day introductory session will feature one on one instruction from a TrophyLite instructor covering braking, cornering, high speed rough road driving, weight distribution and terrain recognition. Track Rekord’s instructors who have previously raced the TrophyLite trucks will be on hand to give additional coaching and to help with the transition from driving a street car to driving a desert racer. The introductory session will end with a timed hot lap. 


Full day desert racing class:


This is a more in depth version of the half day school, with an additional focus on jumps and race management.


Two day desert racing school:


If you are really serious about getting into desert racing this is ideal preparation - containing all the elements of the half and full day sessions in even greater depth, adding a larger variety of jumps, GPS management and tire changes, finishing with multiple hot laps.

Day one would be held at the TrophyLite short course and the second day, while it could also be held at this same course, would typically be offered off site at a location that would have the environment and terrain that is most similar to any event you may be preparing for.


Off site locations can be selected close to where you are, or further afield based on TrophyLite’s assessment of the terrain requirements. 


Half day - $2,400

Full day - $2,900

Two day - $6,000

Please email us for more information, or use the form on our Contact page.


  • Rates are per person. We can accommodate up to five participants per session.

  • Rates include TrophyLite truck preparation and rental, mechanic, instruction and fuel.

  • Participants are responsible for all damages beyond normal wear and tear.

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