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Track Rekord is in the March, 2020 issue of Racer Magazine! Click on the link to the left for the full story.


Track Rekord was founded in 2019 by Kai Goddard, a professional driver who saw a need for improved high performance driver education (HPDE) with a personal touch and individual focus. After speaking with individuals in the insurance industry who specialize in trackday insurance, he realized that many claims were a result of poor driver education and training as well as a lack of understanding of how performance cars may react in certain critical situations.

Steve Kimpton then joined the team after seeing the potential that this new company had to fill a void in the marketplace. Steve brings over 30 years of business consulting experience to the table, as well the same love for performance driving that Kai has.

Our primary focus is on individually tailored trackday coaching in your own car. Our goal is to make you a better, safer driver. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned racing driver looking to find that elusive tenth of a second, we customize our approach to fit your goals and objectives. We share racing, driving excitement and education with enthusiasts worldwide. Our professional drivers teach the skills, secrets and techniques necessary for achieving envy inducing lap times, behind the wheel thrills and most importantly, track safety.

Even with ever advancing traction and stability control systems in modern cars, trackday accidents are on the rise. Many of these mishaps stem from either inadequate coaching or a lack of high performance driver development. Track Rekord makes it easier to find and hire quality professional coaches with racing and instructional experience for any track, anywhere, at any time.


Track Rekord was born out of a need to provide consistent, high quality trackday driver instruction across the US and Canada with the ultimate goal of reduced risk, improved safety, increased enjoyment, improved lap times and reduced insurance costs.

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