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Gail Truess Pro Driver Apache Junction, AZ

Gail Truess was born in the heart of automotive country, lower Michigan. With generations of family members working for the big three as Engineers, Test Drivers and Proving Ground creator it was in her DNA to drive. It happened in college when friends gave her a ride in a rally car while tire testing. Ten minutes of sideways, rock-slinging delight became a life changing experience that led to a career that has encompassed over 30 years.

Gail’s racing career started with PRO Rally and continued for nearly 20 years. Success includes multiple regional wins and regional championships leading to a national driver's championship. She competed not only in the US but also in Canada and Jamaica. Being adaptable and utilizing her car control skills she transitioned to paved race tracks, where she competed and began teaching and coaching others.

Gail earned a position on the PPG pace car team that traveled the world with CART/INDYCAR giving hot laps, performing precision driving formations and pacing races. Today she works for the INDYCAR AMR Safety Team as the driver for the medical team. On race weekends she can be found giving hot laps in high performance sports cars and is the pace car driver for the Road to Indy series and Global MX 5 series.

Past experience includes graduating from the BMW worldwide instructor training in Munich and M School training in Austria. With these credentials she became the Director of Drive programs at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina. Other automotive work includes decades of experience working with the majority of automotive and tire manufacturers and first tier OEM suppliers, including international training, design/execution of corporate programs, new car sales training, press and fleet launches, consumer driving experiences, tour producer, off road specialist and armored car programs.


As a vehicle spokesperson, Gail has expertise in automotive product presentations, driving/appearing in video productions, stage show reveals, television and radio experience and train the trainer programs. 

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